Transform Your Business With Quality Feedback!

Qufee Harnesses customer feedback to help you increase sales, make better business decisions , improve staff performance and limit damage from negative customer experiences in your business.

Best tool to measure your customer experience and grow your business

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$ 24
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Attract More Customers

As your top customers share more positive reviews on social media this will create more awareness and attract new customers

Improve Staff Preformance

With Qu-Fee your employees will know that customer experience is being monitored almost real time, therefore they will serve customers better

Reduce Negative Customer Feedback

Qu-fee starts to repair negative customer experiences before the customers goes and shares the experience on social media or with their network

Make Better Business Decisions

Use quality feedback from your customer suggestions to help you make decisions about how to change your business or to run marketing campaigns

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6 Ways to use customer feedback to grow your business

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